In a new post on its website, Chipotle announced new promotions for some of its food items, including its burrito bowls.

The new promotions are part of the company’s strategy to attract more customers to its food options.

The burrito bowl, for example, is being added to the menu at select locations across the country, and a new burrito roll will also be available.

It is also being offered at select restaurants in New York, Philadelphia and Las Vegas.

The promotion is available in select U.S. and Canadian cities and in select restaurants from January 1, 2019, to January 15, 2020.

The company said it is offering the new promotions “to promote a healthier, more fulfilling and more enjoyable dining experience.”

It’s the latest step by Chipotle, which has struggled with the growing popularity of fast-casual restaurants, in recent years.

Chipotle has been struggling to compete with these restaurants, and many have struggled with health and safety concerns.

The Chipotle burrito is the latest in a line of new burritos that are part the company�s efforts to attract new customers.

(The Associated Press) The company has also expanded its menu offerings.

It has launched a new menu, the Chipotle Taco, with a new taco shell, a burrito and more.

The menu has also been expanded to include a new sandwich with a chipotle cheese, a chipotles lettuce and tomato dip, and chipotle beans.

Chipotles is one of the more popular and expensive of Chipotls burritues.

The chipotle burritual, with its creamy tortilla and meatball filling, is now available in a new restaurant in Las Vegas, as well as restaurants in California and New York.

The New York burrito has also recently added chipotlets and other chips to the mix, but it is not currently on the menu in the city.

The Texas-based chain is also launching a new product in its Texas-inspired burrito.

The original burrito, featuring chipotle onions and chipotls, is not yet available in the state of Texas.