reveals how a company has manipulated the search results on its competitor’s website to artificially promote its own products article The New York Time article details how a New York City-based search engine, Directv, has used a website to manipulate search results, with the aim of generating more business for its own advertising revenue.

In the article, written by Nicholas Weaver, the article says that the company has been manipulating the search engine results on for at least three years.

In an attempt to increase traffic to its own website, Directved, Directiv’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerman, said that the results on the directv website were “better than those of other search engines”, the article claims.

Weaver also says that directv was using Google’s “personalised results” algorithm to try to increase revenue.

The article also mentions that the search engines “attempted to link directly to the company’s products, and that they also promoted Directv’s own branded products” by using the Google brand in the headline and image of the article.

Zuckerman did not respond to a request for comment.

In a statement provided to TechCrunch, Zuckeman said that his company had been in regular contact with the newspaper and that it was investigating the matter.

“We have no comment on this story.

Directv is a small company, so the article does not include a specific number of users, but Directv says that it has over 10 million active monthly users.”

As with any product, it is important for us to make sure that our products are of high quality, but we also want to make our users happy.

We’re currently working with a lawyer to investigate further and are committed to continuing to improve Directv as an advertising platform for all its products,” Zuckermans statement reads.

Weber wrote that Directv had used the same algorithm to increase the search rankings of its own product pages, and to increase search volume on the site.

In some instances, Directvin was even using Google brand keywords to create links on the website, as part of the campaign, the report claims.”

Directv has a great reputation and has an established business that relies on a consistent level of traffic to build a loyal audience.

We are concerned about the way in which Directv has been using Google data and the implications that this has on its business,” the article reads.”

This may violate the FTC’s search and data rules and could be an illegal practice.

We also have serious concerns that Directvin may have been using data from Google without the consent of its users.

“Zuckermann told the New York Daily News that Directved has “always done what is right, and we’re committed to doing it better.

We take our responsibility for ensuring our products reach our users seriously and will always work to ensure our sites and search engines are relevant and fair to all consumers.

“Weaver’s article claims that the campaign has been going on for at the company for at most a year.

We will update this story if we hear more about the issue.