Amazon has announced new deals with several digital music services, as well as digital book and movie services.

The online retailer announced on Thursday that it will start selling digital books for $2.99 on Kindle, Kindle 2 and Kindle 3, and digital movies for $1.99.

The digital books and movies will come in a selection of formats.

Amazon is also offering new deals to those who sign up for the Kindle Unlimited service.

It will now offer unlimited access to its popular Kindle Music service for $3.99 a month, while also offering an exclusive discount on Amazon’s popular Kindle Books app for $0.99 per month.

The Kindle Unlimited app offers access to the entire library of books, audio and video content, music and audiobooks from Amazon’s Kindle publishing imprints, including Amazon Books and Kindle Classics.

Amazon has also announced that it is introducing a new music service that will stream music from some of its music partners.

This new service will allow users to buy and stream a music subscription to the Kindle for just $2 per month, which is a $2 discount from the $3 per month price point for Spotify or Apple Music.

It also includes access to Amazon Music Unlimited for $10 per month when purchased with an Amazon Echo or Apple HomePod.

The company said that Amazon Music will launch in early 2018.

Amazon Music has not yet been confirmed to launch.

Amazon has a growing music library and will be able to provide new music content at lower rates than traditional music services.

Apple Music will remain a subscription service, although the company will be selling music in the App Store and iTunes.

Amazon’s new deals will not impact existing customers.

For those who have paid for an Amazon Music subscription, the new deals offer a 30-day trial and are free of ads.