When the Apple iPad 6 and iPad mini 5 launched on Thursday, I purchased a new one to see how the latest generation compares with the previous generation.

The 6s and mini 5s are still quite capable, though not nearly as powerful as the iPad mini 3.

And I still think the new iPads are the best value in the Apple ecosystem.

But for those who are already used to the iPad Mini 3 and want to upgrade to the new iPad 6, it may be too late.

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed that Apple discontinued the iPad 2, and I wasn’t happy about it.

But the iPad 6 is a great upgrade for anyone who’s been looking for a new tablet for a while.

For the $329 price, the new Apple iPad Pro 12.9″ comes in two flavors, with a 128GB model and a 256GB model.

The new iPad Pro models come in two colors, silver and gold, with the 128GB offering only being available in a $159 color.

I picked the 128 GB model because the silver model is cheaper, and because it looks cooler.

As with the iPad 3, Apple has made a lot of noise about its upcoming iPad Pro, but I was skeptical that Apple would actually deliver on the product.

It’s not as much of a downgrade as I’d hoped, and it has a slightly different design from the iPad Pro 3, but there are definitely still some noticeable improvements.

As for the new 4K display, Apple said the iPad pro will have “high-resolution, low-power,” “true color” and “sRGB color space,” which means it will have a higher resolution, but the difference in color is quite minimal.

There are also rumors of a “3-D Touch” feature, which is likely to be an iPhone-only feature.

The new iPad pro has also been rumored to come with an improved camera and better battery life, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

There are some other minor changes to the design of the new 6s, too.

The iPad mini 4 has been updated with an aluminum body and a more rounded design, and the new 7″ iPad Pro with Retina display has been given a matte finish.

It also has a much bigger screen.

As usual, Apple will continue to sell the iPad 7, which features an 8.7-inch screen, 1.4GHz quad-core CPU and a 2GB RAM.

The company has said that the 8.1-inch iPad Pro will have an even better processor and graphics, but Apple has yet to officially announce either of those things.

Finally, the company is planning to offer the new 8.9-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar for $1,299 in the coming months.

The Apple iPad is not the only device in the iPad lineup that is going to have a new Apple Pro model next year.

Apple is also reportedly planning to release a new version of the iPad with Retinas screen in early 2019.

I have no idea if that’s going to be a model we’ll see in 2017 or 2020.

I am not going any further into details about the new iPhones and iPads because of the nature of this article, but you can check out our Apple preview article for a rundown on the most important Apple features.

In case you were wondering, the iPad 8 is also rumored to arrive in 2019.