Facebook is testing a feature that will let users search for and share news stories on their news feed and in other pages of the social network.

The feature is called News Feed Optimisation, and it’s part of Facebook’s push to make its News Feed more user-friendly.

The company has been testing it with news organisations and publishers across the world.

News Feed optimisation is designed to make the feed more user friendly and responsive for users to access news and stories on the page they are currently on, according to a blog post published on Facebook’s blog on Wednesday.

While news feeds are the main way people consume news on Facebook, the company has recently added a bunch of features that are designed to help users find and share content.

One of these is a feature called “favorites” that lets users search their News Feed for specific stories and stories that are shared across Facebook.

The newsfeed optimisation feature is designed for these, too, and will automatically search for stories that have been shared by other users on Facebook.

Facebook’s News feed optimisation features can be accessed by clicking the menu button on the top right of the News Feed page.

You can also view a list of news stories that users have liked, shared and shared more recently, according a post on the Newsfeed Optimisation page.

If you’re looking for news on your Facebook News Feed, you can also click the menu on the left side of the page and select News Feed.

This will show a list that lets you browse the feed.

This list will also show the News feed’s favorite stories and posts.

You can also use the News view to filter the feed by topics and topics.

If your News Feed has more than 1 million items, you’ll see a list next to each article with its top trending stories.

Clicking on the list will bring up a section with a list with the articles most recently shared.

You’ll also see a section for the most recently read stories, the most shared stories and the most reposted stories.

A quick search for the word “news” will show you a list in the News View of the most recent news stories, most republished stories and most read stories.

This gives you the option to filter your News feed by content, or to simply filter by what news is trending.

To find news stories related to a particular topic, click the icon that appears at the bottom of the news feed.

A list will appear showing you the top stories of the day for that topic.

You will be given the option of selecting to view a specific story by clicking on the “Story” icon at the top of the list, or by clicking an article and dragging the icon up and down to view the story.

You’ll be able to also select the topic of the story by dragging the list icon down.

This will show the top most trending stories for that particular topic.

Click the “More” button on this page to see more stories about that topic, as well as more information about the story itself.

You will also see links to the relevant articles.

You may also want to check the “Explore” section at the end of the screen to find stories that contain a particular word, such as “disco”.

These will be highlighted in the list in that same column, so you can click on those links and go to the related article.

Facebook has added a number of new features to the NewsFeed optimisation page recently, too.

The first is an option to search for news stories.

To search, click on the newsfeed icon at top right and select Search.

The News Feed will then show you results for the search phrase you entered.

The next feature is a search box for the content of stories you have shared, which will let you see a summary of the content that you have posted on Facebook in the last 24 hours.

You may also click on a story to see the details about it.

You won’t be able, however, to read the story or read the full text of the article.

The last feature is an ability to read news stories from the NewsView page, where you can search for specific content in the news and related feeds.

This option will let Facebook show you the most relevant content from a particular feed.

The NewsView feature is similar to what Facebook has been offering for months on its social network, including news and news articles, but it’s the ability to find news content and read it that will be new to the app.

Facebook NewsFeed is designed specifically for users with mobile devices, and not the News app, according the company.