Fanduel is now selling gamestarts for Rs 20.99 on the promo code ‘GAMESTART’.

The promo code was introduced last month to promote Metro Rail, a train and bus system that has been running since April.

Metro Rail is available on all Metro Rail platforms, including the metro trains.

The promo code will work on all games.

In the promo codes section of Fanduels website, the promocode ‘GUMMER’ is being offered at Rs 20,99.

The offer will run till September 15.

The code is available till October 15.

Gummers’ code has also been offered on Metro Rail and Metro Rail trains, as well as on Metro-Rail ticket kiosks.

Metro Rail is the country’s third rail system, following Delhi Metro and Delhi Metro Metro Railways.

The Delhi Metro Rail-Metro Railway-Amritsar Railway-Gurgaon Metro Railway (DMGR) and the Gurgaon-Pune Metro Rail Railway-Amitra Pradesh Railway (GPOR) are the countrys two largest rail systems.