Wendy’s plans to spend the last $5.4 million in its campaign for the upcoming ad blitz against Canada’s new $5-a-head-per-meal minimum wage.

The restaurant chain said Tuesday that the $5 ads will run across TV, print, radio, social media and online.

“We have been in talks with many partners to get their feedback and we will soon be announcing our next step,” Wendy’s chief executive Wendy Wengraf said in a statement.

“This ad blitz will be the last in our $5 campaign, which has become the most popular ad campaign in Canadian history.”

In a news release, the company said the campaign will run on TV, radio and digital, “with a targeted audience of Canadians.”

The ad blitz follows a decision by a federal appeals court in March to overturn a provincial government decision to give McDonald’s and other fast-food chains $4.15 an hour, in line with the federal minimum wage of $15 an cent.

Wendy’s said in February that it had “reached an agreement with the government of Ontario” to pay $4,000 to cover the cost of the ad blitz.

McDonald’s also said in March that it would start offering its employees $2.65 an hour in October.

Wendy said in the release that the minimum wage was “too high and that Canadians deserve more than a minimum wage they can barely afford.”