Directv has promoted “Frozen” on the new Apple TV app, which will be available in Australia on August 10th.

In addition, Directv will be promoting the “Franchise” series, “Frosted Fingers” and “Frogs & Rockets” on Apple TV, and on iOS and Android devices.

Directv said that “Friggs & Rockets”, which stars Amy Poehler and Melissa McCarthy, will be included on the app, and will be “available on select Apple TV devices”.

Directv will also be showing “Frogger” on iOS devices and on Android devices, along with the new “Festival of the Dead” TV show.

DirectbV, which has been running “Fruitvale Station” on its Apple TV service, will also have a new version of “Fridays on DirecTV Now”, a streaming service that streams live sports and local content from the cable company.

Directv has not yet announced which channels will be shown on the Apple TV and iOS app, but said it will also offer “the latest news, entertainment, sports and entertainment programming on all of our platforms”.

While the AppleTV version of the service will have all of the new features that have been added to the Apple television app, it will not have the latest content, including Apple TV Everywhere, Apple TV Now and Siri.

DirectV said that the “Apple TV app is a fantastic choice for consumers looking for the best Apple TV experience.

Apple TV users can watch up to 30 hours of live programming in just one day, including all the top cable channels, the latest news and exclusive shows.

The Apple TV App also includes new features such as the ‘Show Me Your Phone’ feature, a feature that lets you keep your phone in your pocket while watching a TV show or movie.”

With the Apple tv app, consumers can stream more than 100+ live TV channels and thousands of exclusive films and TV shows, including AMC, ESPN, Disney, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, AMC, FX, SyFy, Comedy Bang!

Bang!, Food Network, Food Network Canada, Food & Wine and VH1,” the company said.

The new AppleTV app will also stream “Fringe” and Disney Channel, which were added to Apple TV this month.

Directvs app will be a great choice for viewers looking for a better experience, said Directv CEO and president of global media and content Chris McAllister.

The app will allow users to search for live and local programming, including the latest movies, TV shows and TV-original programming, and to search by region, date and location.

The app will stream more local and local original content from major broadcast networks including CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN and Fox Business Network.

The Apple TV has a 2TB hard drive and has a maximum streaming speed of up to 1080p video.