Verizon is reportedly trying to acquire Yahoo.

The New York Times reports that the tech company is buying Yahoo for $3.6 billion, with a valuation of $6 billion.

The deal is expected to close in the second half of 2019. 

Verizon is the only telecom firm that has the resources to compete in the rapidly changing mobile landscape, but its focus on phones is starting to be seen as a weakness.

In the end, Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo will likely help it gain market share and eventually break into the smartphone space, though it won’t be the end of the story.

“It’s going to give Verizon a big advantage in mobile, because the mobile market is so big, and Verizon is going to be able to dominate,” the analyst told the Times.

Yahoo’s deal will also bring with it a number of new Yahoo employees and a number more Yahoo users.

Verizon will also gain more control over the mobile experience on its smartphones, and will be able to sell more of its phones through Verizon’s MVNOs.

Yahoo is also going to get to be in charge of how it delivers the Yahoo mobile experience to consumers, as well as how it markets its devices to advertisers and developers. 

Yahoo is also expected to gain access to Verizon’s deep pockets, and Yahoo is likely to become more open about its plans for its mobile business.