Apple announced the new iPad 12 on Friday, but it’s also launching a few major changes to the iPhone’s user interface and other elements.

The biggest changes are in the app and interface.

The iPad 12’s redesigned Home button and the new menu bar have been tweaked to make it easier to access apps and settings.

But the biggest changes to how you use the new phone are the changes to Apple’s promotional balance and the ability to see your Apple TV programming.

Apple also unveiled the new iPhone and iPad 12 devices at the event.

The new iPhones are much smaller than the previous generation and can’t support Touch ID, which makes it more difficult for them to connect to a home network.

The tablets have a thinner screen and a thinner bezel, making them smaller, too.

The new iPhones and iPads have a larger display than the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and Apple says they’re “the thinnest yet.”

The screens on the iPhone and iPads are thinner and the bezels are narrower, but the screens are smaller.

The iPhones are also brighter than the iPads, with more vivid colors.

The screens are also taller, and the iPad is a tad smaller.

But the biggest change to the phone and tablet interface comes with the iPhone 12, which is a new version of Apple’s Home app.

Apple introduced the new Home app to its iPhone users last year, which lets users customize and customize their homes.

The Home app on the new iPhones has been tweaked, with a cleaner interface and a smaller font.

The Home app is still the most popular Home app among iPhone users.

Apple says the Home app will be available in the United States on March 8 and the United Kingdom on March 17.

But users in Europe will be able to get it in March, as well.

But for iPhone and the Home apps, the iPhone is now the default browser, and that includes Safari, an HTML5-based web browser.

The redesigned Home app lets users navigate to content in apps like YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, and Twitter.

Safari will also now show ads in Home apps.

But it won’t automatically display ads on third-party sites.

The redesigned Home interface is also a lot more responsive.

You’ll notice a smaller, slimmer home screen and the app bar has been streamlined.

There’s also a new tab bar at the bottom of the home screen.

But when you open Safari, a new menu will pop up on top of your current menu.

And you can also move apps to the new tabs by tapping on them in the new browser.

The iPhone 12 also has a new Music app that lets you play and download music from Apple Music, Spotify, Rdio, and Google Play.

The Music app can also stream and sync music across your devices, so you can listen to songs from all your devices at once.

The updated Home interface lets you view playlists on the home screens of all your iPhone devices, too, so they’re easily accessible.

If you’re a subscriber to the Apple TV, you can now stream Apple Music on the TV.

The TV will also display your favorite movies and TV shows, and you can use the Apple Music app on your Mac or PC to stream music from the Apple TVs apps.

You can also download and sync your iTunes Music library from the new TV to your iPhone.

You should also notice a new option in the Home menu: iTunes.

iTunes will automatically download your music and playlists from Apple and other apps.

This includes music from third-parties like Spotify, and it will also automatically save your favorite music videos to your iPod touch.

iTunes also offers a new search engine, and this allows you to quickly search for and buy new music from artists and stores on iTunes.

The iTunes store is also getting a new feature that lets users stream music on the Apple devices that have it.

This feature lets you search for songs, artists, and albums on iTunes and buy or stream them from the App Store.

It also lets you add music to your iTunes library, as if you were on the same device as the music you’re listening to.

Apple has also added a new video player in the Apple Store called Apple TV Player, and for some users, it will work with Apple Music as well as other apps like Spotify and Rdio.

The feature is only available for Apple TV and can only be accessed through the Apple app.

Apple TV Player is available for $99 in the App store.