Posted November 21, 2018 08:15:37Every day the news travels fast.

It is often accompanied by a flurry of promotions that offer free or low-cost purchases.

It has become part of the normal routine for us, but with the new wave of retail promotions, what you need today may not be there tomorrow.

Here are five reasons why it’s important to stay vigilant as stores roll out promotions:1.

Freebies and discounts are rolling out everywhereThe U.S. and Canada are the two biggest markets for the bank promo deals, with more than $5 billion in sales in Canada alone.

That is an increase of 10.2 per cent over the past year.

In the U.K., however, bank promotion sales have plummeted to an all-time low of $2.2 billion, according to figures from research firm Appex.

This could be because people are more cautious about spending at stores.2.

Target, Best Buy and Walmart are making it easy to shopThe biggest banks in the U