Costco has become an epicenter of military regulation in recent years, and the military has some serious tools to keep that from happening.

The company is under scrutiny for an oversight that requires the retailer to monitor its competitors and their promotions for signs of fraud, abuse, and illegal behavior.

Last year, the military also demanded a review of its promotion regulation, which allows for the military to block any promotion that appears to have been manipulated or manipulated to deceive or manipulate the public.

Costco has also faced a backlash in the last few years.

In June, the retailer was forced to settle charges that it failed to adequately vet and vet employees in the company’s sales force.

More recently, the company was forced into the middle of a political storm when a federal appeals court blocked the retailer’s controversial plan to open up the country to more refugees.

The company has been sued more than 50 times, according to Business Insider, and it has received at least six class-action lawsuits over the past decade.

It is one of the biggest retailers in the world and has a reputation for offering high quality merchandise at reasonable prices.

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