Apple Music has long been a key player in the mobile music market, but the streaming music service has been under fire from competitors, including Spotify, Google Music and Apple.

Now, with the company releasing a new feature that will allow customers to create their own personalized playlists, Apple is starting to put pressure on the music industry to follow suit.

The Apple Music feature, dubbed “playlists,” will allow users to create playlists of songs, artists and genres, which will then be shared through the service with Apple’s “discover” feature.

Apple is also adding a “like” button, which lets users share playlists with friends on the service.

Apple will soon launch a new app, called “Playlists,” which will let customers create their playlists on a smartphone or iPad.

“It’s going to make it easier for you to create a playlist and share it to other people on the App Store and elsewhere,” said David Paulides, Apple’s VP of Apple Music.

“It’s also going to help Apple make money on these kinds of playlists.”

For now, the company is only offering the “playlist” feature for the first 100,000 users, but Paulides told The Verge it’s working on a wider rollout.

The new feature will allow you to quickly create playlist titles, tags, artists, songs and more.

It will also let you customize your playlist with a color picker, which can be used to highlight specific tracks.

Apple is already offering a number of different ways to use its Playlists app, including an in-app purchase, an Apple Music membership, or even creating a new playlist.

“This is really just the beginning,” Paulides said.

“We’re also working on new features that we’ll be announcing very soon.”

Paulides said that, unlike Spotify and Google Music, Apple Music will be a subscription service that customers pay a monthly fee for, rather than a free trial.

This means that users won’t need to pay any money upfront, and Paulides says that Apple will make the service even more popular as the platform matures.

“Once we hit 100 million people, we’re going to have millions of people paying,” Paulis said.

Apple Music will debut later this year, with a new set of playlist features set to launch in the second half of the year.