A few months ago, I received a text from a reader who had recently received a promotion code for Applebees in her code.

I didn’t have any way of knowing what to do with the promotion code; she had asked me for the code and I had given it to her as an incentive for going to the Applebee.

But when I opened the Applebees code I was blown away.

 The code was clearly marked as a promo code for a special promotion that would only be valid for an Applebee at that time.

This promotion code was only valid for a limited time.

The only way I could get this code was to go to the nearest Applebee, get a discount code and then redeem the code.

But I could not get this promotion code on the AppleBee.

I could not access the code from my iPhone.

I tried searching for it on the iTunes App Store, but couldn’t find it.

The code was not working.

So, I called the AppleStore Support team and asked if they could get me a code.

They told me to go get it from the AppleShop app and I did so.

The code worked as advertised and I could redeem the promotion for a coupon for my next visit to the Mac store.

I even got a discount coupon for the next Applebee I went to, but the coupon was not valid until the promotion was over.

There were two things I had to keep in mind.

First, there is no way to redeem the codes for coupons.

Second, the AppleBean Store code is only valid until October 3, 2017.

It is not possible to redeem it after October 3.

I asked Applebee to send me a message explaining what was going on.

They did not respond.

Now, this might seem a little odd.

Applebee is an extremely well known retailer, and I am sure that some of you have seen the promo codes for other Applebee locations.

However, Applebee stores do not seem to be as well known as Applebees.

So, how did I get the code?

I went back to the AppStore and tried to get a new code for my iPad.

I went into the Appleshop and found the code again, and then the code was valid.

But, I couldn’t get it on my iPad because it did not appear in the App Store.

If you use the code, you will have to use the discount code for your next AppleBee visit.

I got a coupon code for the coupon code on my next AppleBeach visit, but I could never get the coupon on the Mac App Store or the iTunes Store.

So I could only get it by using the discount codes.

For more details, see my Applebee promo code guide.