A look at the latest Apple-nike rivalry news: Apple CEO Tim Cook says he’ll use the time between Apple’s September 12 launch and its October 26th launch to promote the iPhone and the iPad Pro.

Cook says it will include a “major deal” on Apple’s latest product.

He also says Apple will unveil a new version of its iPhone in the coming months, which will be “not just a great iPhone, but one that will be the best smartphone for a lot of people.”

Cook says Apple has also been working with Nike on its line of Nike+ shoes and other products.

In the past, Nike has criticized Apple for using its marketing muscle to drive down prices and drive sales of its own products, but that relationship has cooled in recent months.

It has also begun to pay Apple for its advertising on the company’s web site and for the use of its trademarks.

Apple’s marketing arm, Apple Partners, also is paying Nike for advertising on its web site.

“We are not only going to spend a significant amount of time with Nike, we are going to be spending a significant portion of that time with them as well,” Cook said during a conference call with investors on Wednesday.

“Nike has been working very hard to build a brand that’s going to resonate with consumers.”

Apple has long relied on the power of its brand to drive its sales, but it hasn’t been as successful as some other companies.

Last year, Apple spent about $1 billion on advertising and marketing.

That’s down from $2.4 billion in 2015, but Apple is still spending more than $3 billion per year.

Apple has said it wants to reach 1 billion devices in the next two years.

It also has said its next big product, the iPhone X, will be made by Foxconn, which has been criticized by Apple and other tech giants for labor practices.