Burger King has released a new app for the loyalty cardholders of its new loyalty card.

The app lets users share their shopping habits with friends and family members who use the loyalty cards and the company says that the new feature will be launched in mid-September.

The app will allow users to “share the experience of shopping with friends, family and coworkers,” according to a statement on the company’s website.

The loyalty cards are currently only available to a select group of people, including employees and employees of McDonald’s and Chipotle restaurants.

The app will enable customers to access the cards and share with friends as well as the company said.

The company is also announcing that it will launch a “promotional” app in the coming weeks.

The company will launch an app that will allow customers to use the cards to receive coupons, promotions and other perks, as well, the company announced.

The new app is expected to launch in late-September and will allow the app to be accessed by anyone who uses the loyalty app, Burger King said.

Burger King has been struggling to compete with its competitors in recent years.

According to data from Nielsen, the restaurant chain lost an additional $1.3 billion in revenue in 2017, including $1 billion in lost sales due to the expiration of its loyalty program.