With its upcoming fall premiere date in mind, a report in the Wall Street Journal (sub.

req.) says that Netflix is in negotiations with Warner Bros. and Warner Bros.’ parent company, 21st Century Fox, to renew the popular sci-fi series Starz for a second season.

It also says that Starz’ star is up for renewal, but with less money.

The Wall Street Post reports that Warner Bros., the parent company of Warner Bros./Time Warner, and 21st century Fox have been working on a deal to renew Starz and are working to secure the rights to the show.

It’s unclear if that’s an announcement in the meantime or if the news is just coming out today.

We’ve reached out to Warner Bros for comment.

The report says that Fox and Warner are in talks with Warner on a potential renewal.

The Starz series has been a hit on Netflix.

The series premiered in January and has since been viewed over 2 billion times, according to Nielsen.

Warner Bros has been producing the series since its original debut.