AUSTRALIA’S biggest bank has confirmed it will roll out a new mobile payment system in November.

The Australian Banking Corporation (ABC) said the new payment app would be a version of the BankPass system already in use in Australia, the US and other countries.

“We are excited to announce that the ABC’s BankPass will be available to customers from November 15, 2018,” the bank said in a statement.

“The BankPass app is a new and exciting way for customers to pay, save and explore the world of finance through their mobile devices.”

The ABC said it was partnering with mobile payment provider PayPal to roll out the new service.

PayPal said the bank was using its PayPal mobile payment service to make payments.

“It is incredibly exciting to see a bank of our size and size of customers using PayPal to support the growth and expansion of our service,” the company said.

“PayPal is proud to support BankPass and is excited to work with them to ensure this service reaches as many people as possible.”

BankPass was launched in Australia in August 2018 and is the world’s largest bank-branded mobile payment app.

Paypal has launched a similar service in the US.

It launched its bank-to-bank payments app in the United States in March 2018, with the goal of reaching as many consumers as possible.

“This is an exciting time for BankPass, and we’re proud to be working with them on the new feature,” said Paul Chappell, chief executive of PayPal in Australia.

“We will be rolling out our BankPass to more banks in the coming months and, of course, our bank partners will be able to use our app to make deposits, withdrawals and other payments.”