Spatialization is the term that describes a way of using the same software to display content on multiple screens.

That’s exactly what the team behind Spatialize, a game by Polish developer, have done, with a game that takes place in a real-world setting.

Spatializel, as the game is called, uses Unreal Engine 4 for its environments and environments can be rotated and resized.

Spacializel is being released today in a free app update for iOS, Android, and the web.

To get started, you’ll need to download Spatializa, a free download for Android.

Spatify’s demo is a 3D model of the city of Warsaw, and a few scenes have been animated using Unreal Engine.

Spato is a game in which you move around in a 3-D world using the Spatializer.

To set up Spatializes world, you will need to select your Spatialis, and then choose a map.

Then, you can set your location on the map and choose the Spatize button, which will set up the scene as you see it.

You can then move around using the arrow keys, and rotate the camera.

Spatellify has a handful of other games that have been made using Spatialify, including the popular mobile game, Spatialia.

Spats demo is more of a concept, but it’s a good example of the possibilities.

Spatalize is available for free on iOS, but is available to download on Android.

If you are looking to play Spatialitizes demo, check out the video below.